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Emley Pine



Specialist Travel Health Nurse Trainer

After starting her nursing career in Accident & Emergency, Emley completed the Diploma in Tropical Nursing at LSHTM and then started her career in Travel Health with a job at Nomad in 2006. It was a part-time position that fitted around her studies for her Masters in Medical Anthropology and was a great way of using her new knowledge of the tropics while based in London. After having a break to travel to Mauritania, Hong Kong and India, and to have her daughter, Emley continued working for Nomad and InterHealth - a travel clinic specialising in aid and humanitarian workers.


Emley undertook the Diploma in Travel Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow in 2012, she won the Cameron Lockie prize and then took the further examination to become a Member of their Faculty of Travel Medicine. She has an ongoing relationship with the Faculty as a speaker and examiner. In addition to her current role at Nomad leading their nurse training, she also independently runs Travel Health introductory and update courses for nurses, doctors and pharmacists.

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